Let Your Freak Flag Fly: Fanfiction Edition

Let Your Freak Flag Fly: Fanfiction Edition

Staring at a blank page, trying to think of what to do for chapter two of a story I’ve been working on, and nothing is coming to me. And I have been trying everything I can to get away from that blank page, finding so many ways to procrastinate…So here I am, attempting to put down someform of words down, trying to create SOMETHING, ANYTHING…other than what I really need to be working on. And I…

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I think this gifset’s kinda funny. 

Chris: *hot pose*

David: *hot pose*

Matt: *hot pose*

Billie: *I’m fucking gorgeous*

Freema: “Yeah, so am I*

Karen: “Goofy but still beautiful*

John: *I don’t know how to stand in front of a camera (or an audience of any kind) and NOT look like I’m about to invite you to bed*

Catherine: *I’m fookin’ hot, and if you say otherwise you’ll meet my really pretty fist*

Arthur: *Mom, did you put the pudding cup in my lunch bag? I’m not seeing it.*

I’ve never seen the cast of Doctor Who summed up better in a photoset.


#pipe #bong #dalek #doctorwho #drwho #weed #bbc by princeshawn420 http://instagr.am/p/QJkpWWONvi/


#pipe #bong #dalek #doctorwho #drwho #weed #bbc by princeshawn420 http://instagr.am/p/QJkpWWONvi/




The conference table is lit only by a single spotlight that reflects from the polished wood. The Supernatural writers file in silently, their hoods hiding their features, to discuss the new script.

The New Guy is gently told that Tiny Detail A won’t work, because it conflicts with something that…


Let’s discuss this moment, shall we? All the other award winners, that I saw, accepted their award, thanked some people, all their fans, and walked off stage. But these two guys, these two perfect jerks, don’t just acknowledge the people that love and support them, they actually take a few seconds to look around and smile and give a thumbs up and interact with the fans there. And you know why they pay attention to the fans like this when the people react to them? Because they spend so many weekends with fans, chatting and just being with them at conventions that it’s second nature to interact with them. I find it so beyond adorable that that habit carries over onto a big televised award show.

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Bringing back Steve/Jimmy because the accuracy 

You only missed my voice
when nobody else called you.
Y.Z, A ten word story on being a second choice (via brow)


A bounce in Mickey’s step. A “Hey whatcha doing?” with happiness in his voice.

And then:


His smile:


A larger smile:


Smiling just for Ian:



It’s not easy being as fabulous as Ian Gallagher


It’s not easy being as fabulous as Ian Gallagher





You know, for a homeless person, he’s pretty cut.

Can we please take a moment to appreciate how intensely Thor is trying to figure out what the fuck jeans are.

can you imagine thor bringing denim back to asgardIT IS NOT LEATHER BUT IT IS COMFORTABLEhe says to a gathering crowd of curious gods. (x)